affordable bone fishing

Hey Henry, I would love to have a shallow water angling experience. I have never gone bonefishing because all the lodges that I have seen on TV and otherwise are very expensive. I am looking for an affordable experience that won’t break the bank. Do you know of any?

Mike Davis, Trenton, NJ

Yes, you’re right, a lot of the bonefish lodges in the Caribbean and Central America are pricey. However, I know of one place on Long Island in the Bahamas which is unique and affordable. I have filmed a show there years ago and clips can be seen on Look up Chez Pierre, Bahamas. They have small cottages on the beach for around $150 a night with 2 meals, breakfast and dinner. For bone fishing, the guide rates are only $300 per day. This is by far the best deal I have ever seen, Catch a Big One!