Giant Hammerhead Attacks 100 lb Tarpon


Fishing the Flats staff member Kirby White took some incredible photos of a giant hammerhead taking on one of their tarpon in Boca Grande pass in southwest Florida.

There has been some talk of the research vessel Ocean 1 filming shark week down in Boca Grande. The sharkmen are deterimened in their quest to land the ledgendary hammer head “Hitler”. Their bait of choice, slow trolling adult size tarpon.What kind of fish takes a hundred plus pound live bait? The answer in many angler’s mind would be “Hitler”, but the truth is just about any 8 to 10 ft. hammerhead or bull shark.

So, dose Hitler exist? Sure he dose, there have been thousands of eye wittnessed accounts of him devouring tarpon in Boca Grande Pass for decades. Tampa Bay  also has her own history with the mammoth hammerhead shark that dates back before the World  War 2.

The real truth is that Their is more than just one Hitler out there. In fact the existence of Hilter might not be as uncommon as one may think. Lets look at the facts, Hitler is said to be in the 14-20 ft range and lives in Boca Grande Pass robbing Tarpon anglers of their trophy catches.Well, First off how many people have actually seen a 14 ft shark before? A hammerhead measuring 14 ft would weigh about a 1000 lbs and creates quite a presence. Hammerheads and bull sharks are built pretty solid and have alot of girth as well as large size heads. which makes them appear larger in lengththen what they actually are. A 7 or 8 ft hammerhead or bull shark to the average angler is easily mistaken for being  over 10 feet in length. so it would stand to reason that a 14 or 15 ft hammerhead might be mistaken for a 20 footer, but is likely that a true 20 ft hammerhead exists in Boca Grande or Tampa Bay? Chances are that there are a number of true 20 foot hammerheads lurking around. The gulf’s great hammerhead in adulthood can reach 20 ft in length.

Dose Hitler live in Boca Grande? Sure he dose, he also lives in Tampa Bay, Anna Maria, Sanibel, Captiva, the Keys and any where else there is a large population of resident or migratory tarpon. A 14 ft hammerhead is not the norm ,but it is not uncommon either. Not to mention the only time you are going to see him is if your diving or playing tug-a-war with a tarpon. The Gulf is full of these brute size hammerheads, just go online and checkout some aeriel footage of our West Florida coastline. Those long dark figures stacked around your local beach are probally big hammerheads and Bull sharks.