Kubota Canada


MOTORGUIDE TROLLING MOTORS – FRESHWATER & SALTWATER Henry has been using the Great White Motorguide Trolling Motors for his TV series for more than two decades to quietly get to his fish-catching waters. There’s no trolling motors on the planet more prepared for the extreme test of saltwater than Great White. Heat? Corrosion? Big-water pounding? […]


Rockport Rattler Jigs

Rockport Rattler® jig combines sound, color and light reflecting diamond cut glass eyes or realistic moving 3D eyes that gives every angler that uses it an advantage over an angler using a conventional jig or screw lock jig that doesn’t make noise.


Black River Angus

From the old ranching frontier of the west, where cowboys with a deep passion for raising livestock reside, comes the best beef in the world. It’s this premium Angus beef that goes into every product we produce at Black River, from our extra tender, tasty, boneless cross rib steaks to our juicy, all beef sausages, […]