Seafood Salsa

seafood salsaOriginal Recipe by Grill Master Steve Adams

Grilled Steak with Seafood salsa (serves 2)

2 Black River Angus Steaks

6 cooked extra large shrimp

1 small cooked lobster tail roughly chopped

1 avocado peeled and chopped

1 mango peeled and chopped

1/4 cup red onion chopped

1/4 cup mini sweet pepper chopped

1 Tbsp cilantro chopped

Juice from half lime

Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste


Preheat grill to medium high heat, brush grill with oil just before grilling

Lightly salt and pepper steak, grill steak for 2-3 minutes per side or to desired doneness

 Shrimp and Lobster Boil

Add 1 liter of water and a good pinch of salt to an ovenproof pot

Bring water to a rolling boil over direct high heat

Add lobster tail to boiling water for 2 minutes

Add shrimp to boiling water for 2 minutes

Drain and set aside

To serve

In a medium size bowl add avocado, mango, onion, mini peppers, cilantro and mix well

Fold in shrimp and lobster pieces

Squeeze juice from half lime over mixture and salt to taste

Serve as an accompaniment to grilled steak