Twitchbait Terror

Twitch, twitch, SMACK!

LT twitch

Coast to coast, saltwater species can’t resist lifelike Twitchbaits

That’s the simple rhythm anglers hope to experience when tossing twitchbaits to saltwater predators. During the spring season, it happens with regularity, especially over grassy flats and oyster beds where other lures dare not venture. 

Once primarily a freshwater application, twitchbaits have become a saltwater stalwart over the past decade, raising both fins and eyebrows with their remarkable productivity. From the muddy waters of Louisiana to the pristine flows of the Everglades, they now serve as go-to choices when it comes to targeting inshore predators like snook, redfish and seatrout. As the spring continues to advance, they’ll soon be wreaking havoc along the striper coast as well.

If you think all the hoopla over twitchbaits is because they are so effective, you’re only half right. Indeed, these lures provoke strikes at an impressive rate. But there is another factor driving their popularity – they are also incredibly easy to use. Worked with a simple series of abrupt twitches and pauses as their name suggests, they can excite aggressive predators into explosive reactions or coax a wary trophy into making a serious mistake as they shimmer in place.